We all know that Google+ is steadily gaining much popularity as it competes in the social media wars. With Facebook and Twitter as its main competitors, Google’s social media site is now becoming a giant of a social networking website as more and more people log-in to the website.

What makes Google+ appealing to Internet users?

Like other social media sites, Google+ has its own uniqueness that puts it to an advantage over other famous Internet pages like Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit. The beauty of Google+ is that it lets you focus and interact with people with the same interests as you have. You may be asking yourself, “Doesn’t Facebook and Twitter offer the same kind of service?”

In a similar fashion, yes it does. However, Google lets your posts to be seen by people with the same interests even if they aren’t in your followers group (or as what Google+ prefers to call it, your circles). When you post in Facebook, only the people within your friends list can see it. Twitter has kind of the same option as Google+ but what you see is all text and it passes by at an intensely fast pace.

So now that you want to interact with people, the next step is completing your profile. Completing your Google+ profile not only gives you a “personality” within the social networking site, but it gives you other advantages as well. Here’s a few advantages to ponder on when you complete your profile:

If you’re a marketer, you can market to a specific target (you can even get sales leads through this; more on this matter later)

If you’re a hobbyist, you can interact with people enjoying the same hobby

If you have a certain interest like food or fashion then you can show and interact to the people with the same types of interests

Completing your profile allows you to let other people know who you are and what you like even without having to go through the first point of contact.

Here’s what you need to do to complete your profile. Let’s start by completing the About tab:

Tagline – Say something short but distinct about yourself. Tell people WHY they should add you into their circles. If your a business person, you can say something about what you do or what you offer in a simple phrase. This is your first step to getting leads even for your b2b lead generation campaign.

Introduction – Time to make that tagline a bit longer. State your interests or, again if your a business person, a more detailed description about your company or organization.

Bragging rights, Occupation, Employment, Education, Home, Work, Relationship, Looking For, Birthday, Gender – This is self explanatory but still needed nonetheless.

Profile Discovery – Always put this as “Profile visible in search.” Always.

Other profiles, Contributor to, Links – Now here’s where the beauty of Google+ comes in. Within these three fields you can post links that point to a website that you own (or handle). When you put up a link here, Google+ gives you the option of letting you put a title to your link. **cough**Keyword**cough**

Do not forget the Google+ is still owned by (of course) Google. Ergo, it is still part of the search engine. As such, putting a keyword with your link on it plays a vital role to SEO. Currently Google+ is a PR 8 website. So what does it mean? It means it garners millions of visitors on a daily basis. Now imagine those millions of people clicking on your profile and seeing the links that you’ve posted, wouldn’t that be nice?

If you’re a hobbyist, a professional, a business person, or just someone who wants a whole new social networking experience, then start completing your Google+ profile to get to know the world a whole lot better.

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