Scheduling appointments while out with clients should be a fast and easy process. We regularly incorporate agent feedback to help us identify ways to increase speed and add simplicity. Agents benefit from having to tap just a few appointment settings, which saves time. More showings means your listing is being exposed to more homebuyers, which should lead to the best outcome for your sellers in the least amount of time.

Drop-down Menus for Easy Selection

The ShowingTime app uses drop-down menus with selectors native to your mobile device. The “Day” option conveniently defaults to Today (the day of scheduling). If it’s blocked, that means no times are available for that day. You’ll be shown the next available day and time.

When you’re scheduling a showing, “Showing” will be selected by default. (Inspectors and appraisers can set a default appointment type to “Inspection” or “Appraisal” in the “Showing Agent Preferences” of the profile section.) This is all done on the same screen, so no time is wasted.

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Listing's exceptions and restrictions

Improvements to the Task List

All appointments can now populate onto the task list, even those that do not require a phone call to follow up. Office administrators and agents can now mark an appointment’s activity to keep it on the task list. When used, this feature adds the name of the viewer and the time.

Seeing all appointments on the task list, even when they don’t require a follow up, prevents duplicating appointments and presents a complete view of the day.

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Here are a few questions we’ve heard from our customers (and some sellers) this month.

1. Sellers often comment that they don’t like having overlapping appointments on their listings. What can listing agents do about it?

We understand that agents and sellers have different preferences and circumstances, so we’ve created several options for handling overlapping showings. These settings can be found in the “Agent Profile” section on mobile under the “New Listing Defaults” menu tab, which is part of the “Listing Agent” preferences section. Note: sellers are not aware of these settings. See the options

2. How do I sync appointments with my calendar?

Syncing a calendar with your device varies from one device to the next; we’ve provided instructions for most devices. Learn more

3. My seller needs to leave showing instructions for the requesting agent. Is there a way they can share a note?

Sellers cannot communicate directly with a showing agent, but listing agents can. The easiest way for sellers to send a note to the requesting agent is to use the ShowingTime app’s messaging feature to stay in contact with their listing agent. Learn more

4. My seller cancelled an appointment and then changed his or her mind. How can I undo it or reconfirm it?

Even though there isn’t an “Undo” option for cancelled or declined appointments, listing agents can still remedy the situation. Let a showing agent know about the mistake or a change of plans using the ShowingTime app’s messaging feature and quickly schedule another showing for the same time on behalf of that agent.

Showing agents also have a convenient way to schedule appointments on the same listings from a previously cancelled or declined showing.

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