Do you need a smartphone to get organized? What features do you need? How do real estate professionals use smartphones? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in the following articles and websites.

The definition of smartphone varies widely, but is generally defined as a cellular or mobile phone that is enhanced with computer technology functions such as internet and email access, personal digital assistant tools, handwriting recognition, and more.

REALTORS®’ Use of Smartphones

95 percent of members use e-mail and smartphones with wireless e-mail and Internet on a daily basis. (2017 NAR Member Profile).

“[In 2013] more than half of REALTORS® now use Apple iPhones. iPhone use among REALTORS® continues to increase and is now at 52% from 45% in 2012. Android use has decreased slightly to 36%, while Blackberry continues to drop and is at 3% from 5%. Virtually all REALTORS® (93%) now use smartphones of some kind in their businesses.”

Source: Center for REALTOR® Technology, 2013-14 REALTOR® Technology Survey Report.

Why Use a Smar​tphone?

Perhaps you choose life without a smartphone out of principle, maybe the thought of learning a new gadget seems more trouble than its worth, or  possibly it is time for you to trade in an older cell or smartphone for a newer model; whatever your current reason for investigating smartphones, the articles below offer a foundational knowledge of what they are, why people use them, and how they can benefit you in both your professional and personal lives.

Choosing & Buying a Smartphone

Perhaps you are ready to acquire your first smartphone or replace an existing one. There are so many options: where do you start? The articles and multi-media below will help guide you through the shopping and review process.