In today’s marketplace, grabbing the attention of potential clients is a difficult task. With people so inundated with advertisements, their tolerance has gotten lower and lower. Any old message or clever tagline isn’t going to pique their interest – what they crave now is useful, interesting content.

By now, you’ve probably read enough about why content and content marketing are important for your business. So, we’re here to answer the “what” and “how.” A lot of blogs will tell you to think like a publisher – which is funny, because the traditional publishing industry is kind of dying.

The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.” – Carrie Wilkerson 

We’d rather encourage you to think like a businessperson who is using publishing as an effective conversion tool. Why? Because people simply reading and liking your content isn’t going to increase product sells. Rather, you have to make sure your content builds trust in your brand, positions you as an authority figure, and assuages any fears your reader might have in working with you. So what you need is more than just content. You need strategy.  You need a plan for how you will engage with audiences and how to turn that engagement into profit. A starter kit on how to do content marketing right.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you get you started.

1. What do I want to accomplish?

Copyblogger has an excellent post on the 10 Content Marketing Goals Worth Pursuingthat will help you define the purpose of your content marketing. While all the goals are great, we definitely co-sign on:

  • building trust and rapport with your clients
  • attracting new prospects
  • providing solutions to client problems
  • building strategic partnerships
  • building your reputation with SEO

2. What type of content should I publish?

If you read the vast majority of articles on content marketing, you’ll be falsely led into believing writing blog posts is all there is to it. In reality, the definition of “content” is really up to interpretation.

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