SocialBios is a suite of widgets that power a socially connected “about us” page for your website and facebook fan pages. SocialBios generates referrals and business development leads from your existing visitor traffic using the social graphs of your agents or employees.

We allow visitors to your website or fb fan page see with whom and how they’re already connected to your organization. Our matching technology allows the people in your organization to privately connect all of their social networks in a way that allows the visitor to see commonality with just a couple of clicks.

Any combination of SocialBios widgets may be used for converting your entire website into a social hub for creating new relationships. SocialBios widgets may also be implemented on Facebook fan pages to enable the ultimate about us experience.

SocialBios is free for individuals and is currently on free trial for organizations.

Easy Profile Management

 • Manage your® profiles
 • Get recommendations
 • Leverage your social networks
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