You probably already know that photography and video are a real estate agent’s best friends when it comes to marketing. But, where to begin? Lots of us are great at sales, but perhaps photography isn’t our strong suit. Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Or many, as it turns out – below are ten photo and video capture apps that can help you to take stunning shots and efficiently post and share them on social media, your website, with individual clients and, in some cases, directly to your MLS.

  1. LightTrac: LightTrac, which operates on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices, is a definite favorite among Realtors who are successfully using photography as a marketing tool. The basis for LightTrac is to help the photographer determine what is the best time of day to photograph subjects based on light conditions.
  2. Takes: While not specifically geared to real estate professionals, Takes will transform your still photos into dynamic videos, complete with filters and matching music. This iPhone app can extract the best video clip for representing the snapshot moment, while maintaining the original photo. The included soundtrack engine matches your video to music that is appropriate based on your video’s temp and length.
  3. 360Panorama: Exactly as it sounds, this iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android app can capture a panorama in real time. Especially for a buyer who might not be able to see a property in person right away, this can help provide a great impression of a home that traditional photos might not be able to accomplish.
  4. Camera+: In addition to features like touch exposure and focus, stabilizer, photo flashlight, grid composition and digital zoom, this app features a Lightbox that helps you to easily organize your photos and keep your camera roll uncluttered. For the real estate professional who is on the road, this is essential – you might have taken photos of multiple homes during the day, and this can make it easier for you to sort and manage each set of images.

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