I get asked this question A LOT!!  Here is what I tell my clients… ideally, you should set aside 1 hour to blog, post and interact with your network.  I find my time in the morning and force myself to sit in front of the computer and just EXPLORE!  If you do not have an hour, schedule your time accordingly, but SCHEDULE THE TIME!!!  Even 15 minutes will allow you to remain relevant.

ImageNo time to write your own blog posts or social media posts?  This is the one time that you are allowed to “cheat”! Get yourself a good network of trustworthy agents and news agencies and then “share” or RE-post their posts to your own social media.  It will always be more effective if you write a few words of your own, but if time does not allow, make sure that you RE-post and credit the source of what you are posting. Never claim someone else’s posts or writings as your own.  It is bad form and destroys the trust that you are building with your consumers.