I am not one to believe in the importance of keywords as an SEO tool, unless they are used properly.  This means using the keywords in a relevant manner WITHIN the content of your page.  This is the only way that the web crawlers will see them and credit your pages for them.  The days of purchasing keyword campaigns are over, folks!  Concentrate on the content of your page and use the META tag keywords to support your content.  That being said, the article below is useful for THAT purpose…

When you are doing luxury real estate marketing, you need to know how to do some keyword searching and discovering terms that important to use in order to be found online.

Luxury Real Estate Plus Your Town’s Name

Because real estate is local, it is vital that you use your area locations in conjunction with your keywords. In the vernacular of real estate marketing, this is called Geo Targeting. It works a couple of different ways…

Using your keywords in order in your blog posts and websites. So you would use New York City Luxury Real Estate or Luxury Real estate Clearwater. Be mindful that if you have a city that has multiple locations (like Kansas City, KS and Kansas City MO) you need to make sure to add the state code to the end!

Geo Targeting also works because the internet knows where you computer is, so if someone does a local search for luxury real estate they will be directed to sites that are in close proximity to their computer.

Luxury Real Estate Keywords

If you would like to do a little searching yourself to find similar keywords, I recommend using the Google External Keyword tool.

Some great luxury real estate keywords to use:

  • luxury real estate
  • high end real estate
  • luxury realtors
  • luxury real estate agents
  • international real estate
  • luxury real estate listings
  • luxury homes for sale
  • mansions for sale
  • celebrity real estate
  • luxury real estate broker
  • historic homes for sale
  • waterfront homes for sale

In addition to the luxury terms, it is important to know your market. If you the waterfront homes in your area are actually beachfront, make sure to use both terms so that you can appeal to both local buyers and people from outside of the area who might not know to search for those location specific terms.

If you are a luxury real estate agent, make sure that you know the terms that luxury buyers will be using to search in your area.

Source: http://mandmmonsters.com/luxury-real-estate-marketing-keyword-terms-matter/