Great new tool that allows you to provide your client with their commuting costs with any new home that they consider purchasing! MUST HAVE!!!

Excerpt from the True Lifestyle Cost site:

Have your clients asked how long it takes to get to work and how much it costs?


What’s in it for your clients:

  • Patent-pending search tool takes into account over 9 unique variables based on your clients’ individual commute including real-time gas prices, tolls, type of car, parking and more
  • Deliver personalized and real-time results to the places your clients care about the most
  • Easily compare multiple homes and their commute information
  • Perfect for clients who lease a car and want to know their annual mileage
  • Easy to use, intuitive design

What’s in it for you:

  • Send personalized “commute report” in minutes
  • Perfect for sharing at open houses
  • Value-add solution a must have for Buyer’s Agents and helps to build loyalty and increase referrals
  • Bonus:  Save your trips and take an easy business tax deduction by keeping track of your business driving costs*

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